Is Suboxone Covered by Insurance in Virginia?

Is Suboxone Covered by Insurance in Virginia?

Insurance coverage can make a big difference in the price of a medication.

However, if you do not have it there are usually safe ways to get the medicine you need without breaking the bank.

Here, we answer, “Is suboxone covered by insurance in Virginia,” and explain how to get it legally if you do not have coverage but are seeking healthcare services.

How Much Does This Medication Cost?

The Affordable Care Act has mandated the drug addiction treatment medications be covered by most health insurance companies. Suboxone clinics, doctors, and providers accept many different plans.

However, to find out the exact answer to, “Is suboxone covered by insurance in Virginia,” you should contact your insurance carrier directly to ask about co-pays, deductibles, and dollar limits.

The cost can vary depending on the type of prescription, whether you receive generic or name brand medication, and the pharmacy where you fill your prescriptions. That being said, the price can range from $30 and $540.

You Have Options If Your Answer to, “Is Suboxone Covered by Insurance in Virginia,” Is No

There are ways to get suboxone more affordably if you don’t have insurance. This includes:

  • Manufacturer coupons
  • Partial dispensing of Suboxone, which can make it more affordable
  • Patient assistance programs through the manufacturer
  • Free prescription savings cards such as GoodRx or WellRx

PRO TIP: Compare pharmacy costs. These differ greatly and one pharmacy may be significantly less expensive than others.

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