Same-Day Gynecology in Tysons Corner: How to Prepare and What to Expect

Same-Day Gynecology in Tysons Corner

If this is your first gynecology visit, it is normal to feel nervous. Whether you need your yearly exam, want an IUD, or have another concern, these visits are vital to your overall health!

This quick guide explains how to prepare for and what you can expect during same-day gynecology in Tysons Corner.

Doing This Beforehand Can Set Your Mind at Ease

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “Confidence comes from being prepared.” It is true of life and of same-day gynecology in Tysons Corner.

Taking steps such as scheduling your appointment at a convenient time, gathering medical history information, and writing down a list of symptoms, questions, and concerns to speak about with your doctor can help you feel empowered.

Wear comfortable clothing, and don’t forget to take your ID, insurance information, and payment with you.

What Happens During Same-Day Gynecology in Tysons Corner?

Before the exam, your weight and blood pressure are checked. Your provider may also want to discuss your medical history and any symptoms you are experiencing. Remember, a successful appointment depends on open communication!

During the pelvic exam, your provider will wear gloves and lubricate them before gently inserting two fingers briefly into your vaginal canal. They also apply pressure to your abdomen to check for abnormal lumps or discomfort

A Pap smear is routine. A lubricated speculum is used to view the vulva, vagina, and cervix. Your cervix is gently swabbed to screen for cervical cancer.

You may be asked to raise one arm behind your head for a breast exam, during which the provider gently massages each breast in circular motions to check for lumps or cysts. Early breast cancer detection is vital!

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