Same-Day IUD Insertion in Tysons Corner, VA for Emergency Contraception: What You Should Know

Same-Day IUD Insertion in Tysons Corner

A small, T-shaped contraceptive device that is inserted into a woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy, an IUD can be used for emergency contraception.

Though it’s typically inserted by women’s health specialists in advance to help prevent unwanted pregnancy, same-day IUD insertion in Tysons Corner, VA can be done.

Here’s What You Should Know About Same-Day IUD Insertion in Tysons Corner, VA

An IUD, short for intrauterine device, is more effective than emergency contraceptive pills. It can be inserted up to 120 hours, or five days, after unprotected sex. The IUD, when used in this context, prevents pregnancy by disrupting the fertilization process and making the uterine lining inhospitable for implantation.

I’ts important to note that this treatment can’t be used to interrupt a pregnancy and should not be used if you have already conceived. You should also know that IUDs do not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and should be considered as a backup method, not a primary means of contraception.

Is It Effective for Emergency Contraception?

Yes, it is! The effectiveness of an IUD for emergency contraception is very high, with a success rate of over 99.9% when inserted within the recommended time frame. This is higher than both the Plan B pill, which is 75% to 89% effective when taken appropriately within three days of unprotected sex, and the Ella morning-after pill, which is 85% effective when taken appropriately within five days.

Plus, same-day IUD insertion in Tysons Corner, VA continues to provide long-term contraception after the urgent situation, offering ongoing protection against unintended pregnancies.

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