What Is CPET Testing (Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing) in Tysons Corner?

What Is CPET Testing (Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing) in Tysons Corner?

Your heart carries a big responsibility when it comes to your overall health. How do you gauge whether or not it is in tip-top shape?

Many doctors recommend CPET testing (cardiopulmonary exercise testing) in Tysons Corner. Here is what you need to know!

How Does CPET Testing Work?

It is a unique and non-invasive diagnostic tool that measures how your respiratory and cardiovascular systems (the cardiopulmonary system) function individually as well as together. During an approximately one-hour appointment, you will undergo a series of tests, which includes an exercise portion.

During the exercise test, you will be active on a stationary bike or treadmill while breathing through a face mask until you can no longer continue. You are continuously monitored throughout CPET testing by a medical professional for your safety.

What Information Is Analyzed During the Physical Activity?

During CPET testing (cardiopulmonary exercise testing) in Tysons Corner, your provider will be gathering information such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and lung function.

What Are CPET Testing Results Used for?

They are often part of a comprehensive wellness plan to determine exercise capabilities and limitations. CPET results are also used to diagnose heart and / or lung conditions.

They can be part of a preoperative assessment for your safety, as well as used for the evaluation of certain disabilities.

Reasons You May Not Qualify for the Test

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing is suitable for many patients but not everyone. If you are unable to stand or ride a bike, have severe high blood pressure, or have had a heart attack within 30 days, your provider will discuss alternative options.

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