eVox® Brain Mapping

Many cognitive conditions such as attention issues, depression, memory loss, migraines, and others can present themselves in the course of life. The team at Virginia Family Medicine in the Tysons II office, can view the workings of your brain with the innovative eVox® Brain Mapping system. Call our office or book an imaging appointment online today to find out what’s going on in your brain.

eVox® Brain Mapping Q & A

What is eVox® Brain Mapping?

Brain Mapping is a tool used at Virginia Family Medicine to get an inside view of the activity in your brain. The eVox® System is a medical device that directly measures brain function to aid practitioners in the diagnosis of cognitive disorders. The procedure is fast and noninvasive, but it gives lots of important information. It helps to see past outside symptoms to form an assessment based on an image of your brain, to help find a treatment that’s appropriate for the condition and not just the symptoms.

When Do I Need eVox® Brain Mapping?

eVox® Brain Mapping is helpful for physicians to identify the underlying causes of three main brain-related symptoms. Your physician at Virginia Family Medicine might use the technology if you come in with:

  • Memory Loss: Some memory loss problems come naturally with age. It’s very normal for you to forget an appointment time or a phone number once in a while, but if you’re permanently foggy, you may need brain mapping to check for physical signs of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, brain injuries, or other causes of memory loss. Fortunately, some causes are treatable when you find them early.
  • Stress: Stress is a familiar part of nearly everyone’s life in some form or another. Chronic stress from a high-stakes job or a life-altering event can affect your physical health, even changing the networks in your brain or reducing its size. If stress seems to affect your life more than it should, eVox® Brain Mapping can find out how.
  • Pain: Just like stress, chronic pain can change the arrangement of the neurons and connections in your brain. Eventually, you might feel anxious, depressed, or fearful. You might also get severe headaches or migraines.

What Should I Expect During my eVox® Brain Mapping Appointment?

The eVox® Brain Mapping imaging procedure takes roughly 40 minutes at Virginia Family Medicine. The team places an EEG cap on your head that fits snugly like a swim cap. Then, your physician directs you as you complete easy tasks and exercises. 

The cap sends information about your brain activity to a monitor, which displays an image of your brain’s activity that your physician can translate.

If your mind doesn’t feel like it’s functioning up to par, call or click to book an appointment for eVox® Brain Mapping at Virginia Family Medicine today.