In-Office Procedures

Some simple procedures can be done in the office from your physician at Virginia Family Medicine. To request an appointment, call one of our offices in Vienna or Fairfax, Virginia, today.

In-Office Procedures Q & A

What are In-Office Procedures?

In-office procedures are simple, routine techniques for treatment that your physician can perform on you without a complex process of anesthesia, multiple appointments, or rest and recovery. They’re easy enough that you can be in and out of your appointment in one hour or less and drive yourself home directly after them.

What are Some In-Office Procedures that I Might Need?

At Virginia Family Medicine, the team provides numerous in-office procedures directly at the clinic without a trip to a specialist. Simple procedures that your physician performs in the office, often on the very same day as your original exam, include:

  • Wart Removal: If a wart appears on your fingers, feet, or elsewhere, it may go away with time. However, a wart can be uncomfortable and unsightly. If you want it gone earlier, your physician at Virginia Family Medicine may cauterize it or freeze it off. You might need multiple procedures to fully rid yourself of certain warts.
  • Mole Biopsy: If a mole or blemish on your body is concerning to your doctor, they may recommend that you get a mole biopsy. They remove some or all of your mole and send it to the lab to test the tissue.
  • Ear Irrigation: If you have lots of wax or debris in one or both of your ears, you might need a simple procedure called ear irrigation to remove it. It helps you hear more clearly and alleviates pain and ear ringing.

There are other in-office procedures available at Virginia Family Medicine, and your physician lets you know if and when they’re necessary.

How Should I Prepare for an In-Office Procedure?

Generally, in-office procedures are fast and simple, so they don’t require much preparation on your end. In fact, you might not even know that you’re getting one until you arrive at your appointment and your physician examines you. 

If your procedure requires any special preparation on your part, your physician tells you in advance what type of procedure you need and how you must prepare. If it requires a separate appointment, they help you book a timely appointment not far from your initial appointment.

To discuss in-office procedures with a physician and find out if you need one, call or click to book your next appointment at Virginia Family Medicine today.