Lab Services

Many aspects of your health can be determined through blood and urine tests. At Virginia Family Medicine, we have phlebotomists in our three offices located in Vienna and Fairfax, Virginia, to save you an extra trip. To book your next appointment and see if lab services are a necessary step, call Virginia Family Medicine or request an appointment online at one of three convenient locations in Vienna and Fairfax, Virginia, today.

Lab Services Q & A

What are Lab Services?

If you need a blood test or urinalysis, a sample needs to be taken to send to a lab.   In a lab, specialists are able to test samples of bodily fluids like blood, saliva, or urine and get a comprehensive view of their composition in order to form an accurate diagnosis. They help your doctor analyze your body chemistry so they can better identify the next steps of your treatment.

When Might I Need Lab Services?

Lab services are necessary for a number of purposes, and your physician makes it clear to you why you need them at the time that you get them. You don’t have to be sick or possibly ill to need a lab test. You might get lab testing in cases of:

  • Monitoring a chronic condition (e.g., diabetes, hypertension)
  • Diagnosing or ruling out conditions
  • Your normal healthcare routine

In other words, if your physician recommends lab testing, it shouldn’t be an automatic cause for concern. Knowing what’s going on in your bloodstream or other parts of your body is beneficial to you whether or not the tests identify any problems.

If you need lab testing for diagnosis or as part of your ongoing disease monitoring, call or click to book an appointment at your nearest Virginia Family Medicine location today.